Human Power is its own end – Karl Marx
January-February 2014, Vol. 59, #1

  • Logo of the NROL-39 satellite of the National Reconnaissance Office.

    Rampant U.S. surveillance slouches toward totalitarianism

    February 6, 2014
    So overwhelming has been the past year's flow of revelations about the U.S. government's spying on virtually everyone that even President Obama's hand-picked review panel had to acknowledge it. Though noting the potential for abuse of the state's mountains of covertly gathered data, nowhere does the report by Obama insiders grapple with the question of just what sort of totalitarian instrument the militarized top secret government has...
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Featured Articles
  • Raya Dunayevskaya, Charles Denby, and Ethel Dunbar (Effie Owens)

    Charles Denby, worker-editor

    February 8, 2014
    As a contribution to Black History Month we reprint Raya Dunayevskaya's memorial for Charles Denby (1907-1983), her comrade of 35 years, Editor of News &...
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  • Prison privatization is a crime

    February 13, 2014
    On Dec. 1, Aramark Correctional Services will begin running Food Service for the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC), creating another sector of low-wage workers in...
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