Chicago meeting: Marxist-Humanist Organization

January 28, 2017

When: Wednesday, February 1, 6:30 PM 
Where: News and Letters Library, 228 S. Wabash Ave., Room 230, Chicago

News and Letters Committees invites you to a meeting on

Marxist-Humanist Organization

Part of a series of discussions on Liberation and organization: philosophy and revolution

Organization is crucial as we fight to change our oppressive reality of exploitation of labor, racism, sexism, hatred and discrimination against LGBTQ people, and outright wars on civilians, as in Syria, Yemen, and Congo.

From Black Lives Matter to Women’s Liberation and from Occupy Wall Street to the Fight for $15, movements for freedom have been looking for alternatives to discredited models of organization like the vanguard party of “Marxism-Leninism.” Yet organization of people from below and organization of liberatory thought have not yet united in such a way as to create the foundations of a new, human society.

Bring your ideas about revolutionary transformation to a series of discussions on the relationship of a philosophy of freedom to organization.

Marxist-Humanist Organization

We look at Marxist-Humanist concepts and practice of organization, and their relationship to emancipatory organizations and movements in U.S. history from the Abolitionists to the Black freedom struggles up to today, as well as to the self-determination of the idea of freedom, and draw together the threads from all five discussions.

Suggested readings:

News and Letters Committees Constitution.

Part VII of American Civilization on Trial, which includes three sections: “The Self-Determination of People and Ideas”; “The New Voices We Heard”; “What We Stand For—and Who We Are”

June 1, 1987, Presentation on the dialectics of philosophy and organization, by Dunayevskaya

May 1953 Letters on Hegel’s Absolutes (printed in 3 parts in 3 issues of News & Letters), by Dunayevskaya

Speaker: Franklin Dmitryev, National Organizer of News and Letters Committees

Readings available via News & Letters Committees, / 312-431-8242 / 228 S. Wabash #230, Chicago, IL 60604.

You can find more information about the series at

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