Chicago meeting: The Revolutionary Journalism of News & Letters

April 7, 2016

DATE: Monday April 11, 2016
PLACE: News & Letters Library, 228 S. Wabash, Room 230, Chicago

News and Letters Committees invites you to a meeting on:

The Revolutionary Journalism of News & Letters

Karl Marx wrote: “The concrete is concrete, because it is a combination of many objects with different destinations, i.e., a unity of diverse elements. In our thought, it therefore appears as a process of synthesis, as a result, and not as a starting point, although it is the real starting point.”

News & Letters could be seen as a “unity of diverse elements”: workers, women, prisoners, Blacks and other people of color, youth, people from other countries, the differently abled and LGBTQ people all speaking for themselves; philosophical and theoretical articles; and columnists writing of our life and times from different perspectives. These articles may have different goals, opinions and ideas; and the result, an issue of News & Letters, may appear to be a finished product, or a synthesis of those elements. But in reality, each issue is a summing up of the current reality and a new starting point for work and thought.


The philosophic basis of News & Letters is crucial in shaping each issue. It is what makes a paper one that is Marxist-Humanist rather than merely “Left.”

To Marxist-Humanism, the Absolute means above all the revolutionary society that abolishes capitalism, breaks down the division between mental and manual labor, and builds social foundations on totally new human relations. And News & Letters was a conscious effort on the part of the founders of News and Letters Committees in 1955 to begin a paper from the Absolute, knowing that it could be Absolute only in its completion within a revolution in permanence. Because neither the paper nor the organization could be the Absolute, they are endowed with the impulse to transcend, to self-develop, to strive for the Absolute.

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