Chicago event for Day of Syrian Rage: A Global Day of Human Conscience

October 2, 2017

Saturday, October 14 at 2 PM – 4 PM
Federal Plaza, Adams and S. Dearborn St, Chicago, IL 60604

Day of Syrian Rage
A Global Day of Human Conscience

Hosted by Umyma Abogoda

Activists of the Syrian revolution invite you to protest in the capitals, and wherever decisions are made around the world; to share in our expressions of rage and discontent at the current situation in Syria, at the destruction of villages, the forced displacement of peoples as carried out by Assad’s criminal gangs, the malevolent criminal Russian regime, and the terrorist militias of Lebanon’s Hezbollah and the Badr Iraqi brigade, along with other Iranian militias.

We invite you to condemn the massacres and destruction of villages caused by Russian aerial bombardment and the crimes of sectarian militias (Iraqi, Lebanese, Iranian and Afghan).

Demand the international community respect the moral and humanitarian obligations of confronting the genocide being carried out against the Syrian people, and to secure the release of those detained in Assad’s prisons.

This is a message to the entire world, to explain that peace cannot be achieved in Syria under the criminal Assad regime.

This is an appeal to the Syrians to unite the revolutionary forces, and to reconfirm the objective of the Syrian revolution to overthrow the sectarian regime of Bashar al-Assad and all the symbols of the dictatorship, to win democratic liberties. To abandon these fights is to betray the revolution. These are the demands raised by the sovereign revolutionary people.

This is a rejection of the factionalist agendas of certain countries in play for their own interests, which are contrary to the interests of the Syrian people, and which are being carried out in Moscow and Cairo.

The Revolution Continues!

News and Letters Committees endorses and is participating in this action.

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