Detransitioners and Lesbians speak out

November 17, 2019

From the November-December 2019 issue of News & Letters

In August, 28-year-old Charlie Evans, who had criticized Get the L Out on Twitter as a Transman last year, now marched with the group as a Detransitioner and Bisexual woman. Like last year, this group of Lesbians and allies marched unannounced at the front of several Pride parades in the UK and Europe.

Protesting the exploitation of Lesbians by the LGBTQ movement and the pharmaceutical/medical industries, signs read “Stop Drugging Lesbian Youth,” “Lesbian Not Queer,” “Gender Ideology Harms Lesbians,” and “Cotton Ceiling = Rape.” This year, they were joined by radical feminist pro-Lesbian groups, ReSisters United, Object, and Make More Noise. The parades in Leeds and Manchester, UK, were also joined by several Detransitioners. When bystanders shouted, “You are Transphobic,” they responded “No, we are Detransitioners!” They reported positive responses from Lesbian bystanders.

In September, in Leeds, radical Lesbian feminists organized the first Lesbian Strength march since the 1980s. Several speakers described the extreme difficulties still faced by Lesbians. They explained why more want to separate from the LGBTQ movement to focus on issues affecting lesbians specifically and women generally.


In her speech, Charlie Evans stated, “There are few studies behind detransition rates, but I can tell you there are thousands of us. Our voices are hidden because we’re seen by the queer community as just collateral damage for the greater good. Many are gender non-conforming Lesbians raised in gendered homes where the roles of girls and boys were strictly defined.” She and other speakers discussed sexual abuse and harassment of Lesbians within the Queer movement. This is also discussed in “Lesbians at Ground Zero,” a study by Get the L Out. Many Lesbians and other feminists also object to the Queer movement’s support of prostitution, pornography, and surrogacy. The march and demonstrations were dedicated to Magdalen Berns, the late YouTuber who discussed these issues, giving many Lesbians a sense of community.

Evans and fellow marcher Thomasin were interviewed by “Gentle” Ben on her YouTube channel, GNC Centric. Ben, also a Lesbian Detransitioner, has used her channel to discuss her experiences and the effects of the internet on young people in general. Thomasin stated the YouTube discussions by the Detransitioners of the Pique Resilience Project had helped her accept herself as a Lesbian. All agreed that being around strong, butch, adult Lesbians comfortable in their own skin had eased their dysphoria. Medical professionals, parents, teachers, friends, and the internet affirmed that they must be transgender. They rejected the notion that transitioning had been their own “mistakes” as individuals because all of society had led them into it.

They agreed Detransitioners need to “meet up in real life, hug each other, tell each other we are not totally insane. You are so socially isolated when we detransition. When we form large groups, scientists will have to take note and say, no, there are Detransitioners in every country. We need to research this since it is bigger than we thought it was.” They discussed plans to reach out to girls to help them discuss their anxieties about becoming women in a sexist society. They expressed optimism for the younger generation, observing they are learning to think more critically.

Evan’s new charity Detransitioner Advocacy Network has already been contacted by hundreds who want assistance.


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