Human Power is its own end – Karl Marx
July-August 2022, Vol. 67, #4

War, climate chaos, capitalism, COVID: World food crisis spreads

July 7, 2022
With Russia’s war on Ukraine, a food crisis is emerging globally with lightning speed. Capitalism, with its agricultural-industrial system of commodity food production for the...
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Editorial: Trump’s continuing coup

July 8, 2022
Trump set in motion a formula for ending meaningful elections that, if not stopped, raises the threat of 2024 as an empty ceremony for Trump...
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Ecuador’s Indigenous fight for means of life

Ecuador’s Indigenous people are in revolt over the rising cost of living. In addition to price controls they are demanding access to healthcare and education...
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From the Writings of Raya Dunayevskaya: Hegel’s call to grasp spirit of the times

July 5, 2022
Because nothing is more urgent in a time of such crisis than grasping and acting on the spirit of the time in a revolutionary manner, we excerpt a lecture given by Dunayevskaya taking up Hegel's Absolutes for our day....
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Featured Articles

Apple workers unionize

July 19, 2022
Workers at the Apple Store in Towson, Md., outside Baltimore voted in June to unionize. Organizers of the successful union drive have reached out to...
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Essay: Society in the grip of genocidal ideology

July 5, 2022
Genocidal ideology, which was manifested differently in the Buffalo mass shooting and in Putin's war on Ukraine, has spread throughout our society, pervading the Right...
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Down with gun culture

July 12, 2022
Until recently, the outrageous power and impunity of the NRA dominated U.S. thinking on guns, opposing ANY measures to improve gun safety as a Second...
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World in View: India’s unemployment stirs youth revolts

Double-digit growth in India’s economy cannot hide the gravest of contradictions—massive unemployment especially among the...
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Strikes and rage at murders in Amazon

July 19, 2022
After journalist Dom Phillips and Indigenous solidarity activist Bruno Pereira were murdered in the Brazilian Amazon, condemnations and calls for justice rang out around the...
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Woman as Reason: Their target: women’s freedom

July 9, 2022
The overturning of abortion rights is worse than before it was legal because of the hatred of women for creating a movement that challenged men’s...
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Featured Column

Thoughts from the Outside: A way out of no way

July 19, 2022
Faruq takes up "Civil," a new documentary about human rights champion Benjamin Crump. To do right in this world, Crump, a lawyer, filed suits in...
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Editorial: Abortion bans show need for new society

July 5, 2022
With the gutting of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court has taken away a human right and stripped bodily autonomy from half the population. It...
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More Articles

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Nationwide marches for abortion rights
March participants report on the thousands of women, men and gender diverse people who demonstrated across the U.S., including Chicago and the Bay Area. They were protesting the Supreme Court decision that decimated women’s right to an abortion and thus to control over their own bodies.
Women Worldwide: July-August 2022
No Birth Behind Bars “feed-in” in London; Cross-Border Network of Mexico and U.S. abortion rights groups formed; Montreal protest of the prostitution common at Grand Prix auto race; study finds women less likely to receive credit for their scientific work.

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The hell of normalized domestic violence
Catholicism, “traditional family life,” silencing of women, combine to make life a “living hell” for many and reveal how the normalizing of domestic violence wars against the Universal of Freedom.
Handicap This!: July-August 2022
The difficulties people with disabilities are experiencing in Ukraine as it is being attacked by Russia; the newly formed Marion County (Oregon) Advisory Group will help the disability community connect with emergency management during emergencies; and the Australian Disability Enterprises refused to raise their sub-minimum wage for disabled workers.

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Readers’ Views: July-August 2022, Part One
Readers’ Views on: Supreme Court’s Attack on Women’s Freedom; Abortion, Healthcare and Women’s Movement; Abortion Unseparated from All Freedom Struggles; Gay Pride: Whose Bodies? Ours!; Colonizers Past and Present; Let Them Eat Rockets; Oppression of Homeless; Only 14 More Mass Shootings!; Church, State and Football

Page 7
Readers’ Views: July-August 2022, Part Two
Readers’ Views on: Dialectics of Philosophy and Organization; Pelican Bay Hunger Strike Pamphlet; Prison and Slavery; On Lockdown; Prison Censorship; Voices from behind Bars

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Voices from the Inside Out: End life without parole
Prisoner Sam Lint writes about working to change South Dakota’s lifer law as South Dakota is one of only two states that have no option for parole if you have a life sentence; and one of the only two states that will give a life sentence for manslaughter. “Life” is natural life here, and they don’t mind giving it out.
Voices from the Inside Out: Agents of lawlessness
Prisoner’s critique of police brutality and how it impacts Black communities and is “a tangible reminder of the incompleteness of formal equality.”

Page 9
Gerrymandering locks out democracy
Gerrymandering is an antidemocratic practice that Republicans have used to give themselves an advantage expected to last at least for another 10 years.
Queer Notes: July-August 2022
The work of Guardians of Equality Movement (GEM), the LGBTQ+ rights organization in Syria; Greece joined 14 other nations in banning conversion therapy; a student at Kalama High School in the state of Washington organized a rally supporting a Transgender student who was beaten in the school; and an art exhibit “Our Blood Can Save” opened in Brooklyn’s Major R. Owens Health and Wellness Community Center.

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Stop the food crisis! Build food sovereignty NOW!

Excerpts from the June 3, 2022, statement by La Via Campesina, “Stop the food crisis! Build food sovereignty NOW!” and a link to the full statement.

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Women, workers for freedom in Burma
Dedicated youth from the cities have joined the resistance in Burma (Myanmar), primarily from the urban working class. In the rural “heartland” of Upper Burma the People’s Defense Forces is a broader phenomenon–hundreds of thousands have rallied to the red banner, more all the time.
Youth in Action: July-August 2022
High schoolers refuse to live in fear of being gunned down at school; Fridays 4 Future “dies in” to shame carbon-happy Wall St. financiers; teenager highlights Palestinian human rights at Tel Aviv Pride.
War is excuse to ravage the climate
Country after country reacted to the war by increasing oil and gas trade and production. Only movements from below can keep the fossil fuel capitalists from turning the opportunity for a greener, freer future into opposite.

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World in View: Progressives elected in Colombia
The stunning electoral victory of Gustavo Petro as President and Francia Márquez as Vice President marks a new moment for Colombia.
World in View: Why Haiti is so poor
A new series by the New York Times paints a picture of Haiti’s stark, painful, preventable history of more than 200 years. Slaves who freed themselves in revolution were subverted first by Napoleon’s France—supported by the U.S.—demanding outlandish sums of money as ransom.
World in View: Militant truckers strike in South Korea
More than 7,000 truckers took part in an eight-day strike for better pay and fewer hours. A measure dubbed the “Safe Trucking Freight Rate,” which ensures minimum pay, is set to expire this year.
World in View: Philippines dictator Jr.
In rejecting a return to liberal capitalism, which presided over the growth of inequality in the Philippines, voters have elected Ferdinand Marcos, Jr., who promised them nothing when campaigning on a blank platform.


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