Human Power is its own end – Karl Marx
March-April 2014, Vol. 59, #2

Women fight for freedom against growing retrogression

March 13, 2014
While experiences in the squares of the Arab Spring, in Turkey's Gezi Park, in the streets of Spain and Greece, and in the U.S. Occupy...
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Ukraine and Bosnia: historic uprisings

March 16, 2014
In Ukraine, an unexpected eruption of mass struggle led to the overthrow of Ukraine's corrupt, oligarchic, and ultimately murderous President Viktor Yanukovych. In Bosnia, at...
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On THE Philosophic Point and Dialectics of Organization and Philosophy

March 14, 2014
To understand today we must begin at the beginning, that is to say, as always, with Marx. Specifically the two periods are: the first and...
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Featured Articles

UK sees Marxists under every bedroom tax protest

March 18, 2014
London, England--The UN's own rapporteur for housing, Raquel Rolnik, has denounced UK government policy as creating a housing crisis for its most vulnerable citizens. Her...
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California legislators ignore hunger strikers’ voices

March 19, 2014
Sacramento, Calif.--At the Legislative Hearings on Feb. 11, experts presented their analyses, which showed that even the very small changes California Department of Corrections (CDC)...
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‘Say NO to KXL!’

March 20, 2014
Chicago--"Say NO to KXL!" was the message of 100 protesters outside the local State Department offices on the bitter cold night of Feb. 3, demanding...
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Locked out Minnesota musicians return

March 26, 2014
On Feb. 1, 2014, the Minnesota Orchestral Association [MOA] ended its lockout of striking union musicians. The lockout began on Oct. 1, 2012, the longest...
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Court, fanatics besiege clinics

March 22, 2014
In June the U.S. Supreme Court will decide if buffer zones around clinics that offer abortion are a violation of freedom of speech. Court watchers...
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