Human Power is its own end – Karl Marx
September-October 2020, Vol 65, #5

Amid election battles, masses demand no return to normal

August 29, 2020
Nationwide Black-led revolt and white supremacist backlash, class struggles and the ravages of a pandemic and economic collapse are taking place amid election battles and...
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From the writings of Raya Dunayevskaya: Remembering John Lewis and Bloody Sunday–Racist barbarity spawned new forms of revolt

In the wake of the March 7, 1965, “Bloody Sunday” in Selma, Alabama, where the recently deceased John Lewis was one of the freedom marchers...
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Trump threatens DACA, ignores court

Trump subverted the Supreme Court decision upholding Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals ("dreamers"). It must be “upheld” by ordinary people who recognize and reject the...
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Essay: The Forum in Defense of Territory and Mother Earth–Unity of the struggles from a dialectical perspective, and what comes next?

In light of the Zapatistas’ Forum in Defense of Territory and Mother Earth, Héctor explores the search for unity by diverse movements in relation to Hegel’s dialectic of the whole and the...
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Fracking cannibalizes our future

The fracking boom turned to bust and a wave of bankruptcies reveals the current operation of decaying capitalism in miniature: cannibalizing the economy, people and...
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‘Liberate Hong Kong’

August 28, 2020
China is imposing harsh new repressive measures on Hong Kong, blocking protests that nevertheless have not...
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World in view: Belarus thaws in a world in flames

August 29, 2020
President Alexander Lukashenko, “Europe’s last dictator,” has ruled Belarus for 26 years. His time may be up, as hundreds of thousands of protesters have filled...
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The USPS is a continuing crime scene

August 28, 2020
Postal workers find themselves on the frontlines of three fronts: saving their jobs under attack from the United States Postal Service under Postmaster Louis DeJoy;...
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Detroit teachers vote safety strike

August 29, 2020
The Detroit Federation of Teachers voted to authorize a safety strike, which means they will not teach face-to-face but are willing to work remotely. Most...
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World in view: Beirut devastation

August 28, 2020
A massive explosion at the port of Beirut, Lebanon, devastated the city. It turns out that everyone knew the danger but the people of Beirut....
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Voices from the inside out: Black prison lives matter

Mass incarceration, and disproportionate treatment by all aspects of the Prison Industrial Complex, is a cultural knee on the neck of the Black community as...
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Editorial: Yemen: A voice that must be heard

The regional war devastating Yemen is a counter-revolution against its Arab Spring revolution and its...
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Women worldwide
Diana Russell remembered; Hawaii’s Feminist Economic Recovery Plan for COVID-19; Turkish women protest moves to withdraw from Istanbul Convention; women social health workers strike in India; women contest stolen election in Belarus; demands for release of Sanaa Seif in Egypt.
Ecological tragedy in Mauritius
The Wakashio oil spill in Mauritius waters is an ecological tragedy. To what extent was this event “inevitable”? What are the issues that lead to such an “accident”?
Handicap this
Handicap This! takes up: The staggering COVID-19 death toll among nursing home residents in New York State as well as in nursing homes housing the disabled nation wide; how the closure of schools due to COVID-19 has been especially difficult for special needs students; and that In the world of United Kingdom auto racing, Team Brit was created in 2015 to allow people with disabilities to participate in motorsports.

Page 3
Letter from Mexico: Ecological protest in Xochimilco
Participant report of a protest against the construction of a bridge that would destroy the wetland of Xochimilco, one of the few natural zones remaining in Mexico City.
Miners fight against strikebreakers
Grupo México, the largest Mexican-owned mining company, ruthlessly exploits miners and contaminates water, disregarding health and safety. Miners, their families, and communities have been fighting back.
Queer notes
Queer Notes takes up: Camila Falquez’s project “Being,” a photo manifesto of Trans and Queer Black and Brown people, installed online in New York City; the arrest in Warsaw Poland on Aug. 7 of Transgender rights activist Małgorzata Szutowicz, who protests rising Queerphobia and the rally to support her; Mexico City’s outlawing of conversion therapy; and a remembrance in Allentown, Pa., for 20 Black, Transgender and Indigenous people murdered for being who they were.
Detroit eviction fight
Protesters demand a continued moratorium on evictions. There is no way to discuss eviction without including a racist housing system, with landlords supported by police brutality.

Pages 6-7
Readers’ views, part one
Readers’ Views takes up: Black revolt and racism; dialectics of liberation; school battles; election victories; history and freedom; class struggles; and fighting the Right wing.
Readers’ views, part two
Readers’ Views takes up: Queer safety is a human right; fake green politics; women in India; women in the U.S.; shameless evictions; voices from behind bars.

Page 8
COVID at San Quentin
Several hundred people, including many family members of prisoners at San Quentin Prison, Calif., demonstrated for the fifth time in the last three months to protest the state’s murder of prisoners by COVID-19.
Thoughts from the outside: Black August, an evolving Idea
For many New Afrikan Revolutionaries August has a profound significance. For me Black August attempts to set forth a new humanism.
Soledad families say: “We Are Their Voice!”
Voices of family members of prisoners and other supporters speaking out as they demonstrated in front of Soledad prison.
Detroit police brutality and restraint
Reflections on police brutality and restraint give meaning to “Defund the Police.”

Page 9
N & L office damaged
You can help us recover after a fire near our office caused extensive damage.

Page 11
Cops protect fascists
Police turned over the streets of Kalamazoo to an armed fascist militia, and only targeted counter-protesters.
Youth in action
Starbucks barista fired for demanding that police also wear masks in the store; California State University in Los Angeles students rally in support of hiring organizer Melina Abdullah as Dean of the College of Ethnic Studies; Dallas, Ga., high school student suspended and threatened by classmates for taking a picture of a crowded school hallway and posting it on social media.

Page 12
World in view: Remembering ruth weiss (1928-2020)
One of the great originals, poet ruth weiss touched many bases, expressing the underlying humanism of a generation of great artists.
World in view: World economy falls
As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, for the first time on record all sections of the world economy are expected to contract in 2020.

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