Iranian critiques ‘anti-imperialist’ Left

April 17, 2012

London—Since 2009, the first wave of revolutions in the Middle East was started by the marching of millions in Iran. For many years, the Middle East has been run by the capitalist dictatorial regimes in which the working class is exploited to the maximum. People live in misery while the less than 1% swim in gold and money.

In 2009 we reached that stage in Iran. As a result, not only did the deprived in Iran rise up but the up­rising caused a crack in the whole Middle East ruling class. Since 2009, the ruling class has not been able to rule as usual. That created an opportunity for the working class in the whole region. Once the revolution in Iran was cracked down on, revolt came in Tunisia and spread all over the Middle East and then back again to Iran.


The revolution in Iran was repressed but never defeat­ed. The mainstream media tried to portray the revolu­tion as defeated with only minor troublemakers left on the streets. As we have witnessed elsewhere in the Mid­dle East, the capitalist system sacrificed a few top fig­ures in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya but encouraged a co­alition of Islamic and military forces (including NATO) to substitute for them in order to defeat the revolutions. However, the Middle East is still boiling.

From Iran to Libya, from Egypt to Tunisia, from Syria to Bahrain and Yemen, people are organizing and preparing for the second and third phases of the revolution. Ultimately, either the ruling class will mas­sacre the revolutionaries and re-establish their bloody system or the people will succeed. There is no middle ground.


According to the nationalist Left, the so-called anti-imperialist groups in North America, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere, there are two types of coun­tries and dictators in the Middle East and two types of revolutions.

‘Good Dictator’ and CIA Revolution

The Good Dictators are the ones who murder, tor­ture and kill people, exploit the working class, cut their livelihoods and implement all the IMF recommenda­tions. But from time to time they bark at the U.S. and other Western countries. These Leftists think the revo­lutions in these countries are all CIA-made. The CIA is able to organize and bring millions of people into the streets (do not ask me how, ask them). From revolution in Iran to those of Libya and Syria, all are CIA-orga­nized! What genius thinking!

‘Bad Dictator’ and Conditional Revolution

The Bad Dictators are similar to the first group in their killing, torturing and exploiting the population, but they have close relationships with the U.S. and other Western countries. Conditional revolutions, such as the ones in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain and Yemen, are considered good by these Leftists. The “reasoning” for the revolution, according to these “anti-imperialists,” just so happens to be an echo of the Mafioso govern­ment in Russia, the Islamic regime in Iran, and China: “Just get rid of the Bad dictator, the puppet of the U.S., and go home. Let our anti-U.S. Islamic friends take care of the rest.”

—Abbas Goya

Editor’s note: The author created a “Marxists expose the Leftists who support the Islamic regime of Iran/ Syria” page to discuss this analysis.

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