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July 16, 2016

61 No 4The July-August 2016 issue of News & Letters, Vol. 61, #4, is available on the web.

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Lead article: Fires in Canada, drought in India inspire creative revolt
The wildfires sweeping Alberta’s tar sands region provide a window onto the state of the environment and the multidimensional worldwide struggle against pollution and climate chaos fueled by capitalism’s drive for production for the sake of production.

Editorial: Brexit emboldens the Far Right
An Editorial on how Brexit has emboldened the Far Right, not only in Britain but also in the U.S., bringing out blatant expressions of racism, homophobia, sexism and anti-immigrant hatred; and the importance of people’s own self-organization to counter this moment in history.

Editorial: Homophobic mass murder in Orlando
Domestic terrorist Omar Mateen’s killing and injuring of Queer people in Orlando exposes racist and anti-Muslim sentiments but also, in reaction to his act, solidarity with the Queer community worldwide. The challenge is whether humanity will create a truly human society where Queer people are considered human.

From the writings of Raya Dunayevskaya: Racism, war and Muhammad Ali
On the same day that General William Westmoreland waved the flag before Congress, Muhammad Ali refused to be inducted into the Army. While the general was applauded even by the doves, Ali was, within hours, stripped of his title of World Heavyweight Boxing Champion. War exposed the open nerve—”the Black Question”—which has always been the touchstone of U.S. history. It placed American civilization on trial before the world much more seriously than the “war crimes tribunal” in Stockholm.

Workshop Talks: Bleak future if no labor solidarity
Workshop Talks columnist Htun Lin looks at the world situation from the massacre of LGBTQ people in Orlando to the murder of Jo Cox in Britain to Brexit and to how workers are reacting, suggesting that there is no exit from global capitalism without international labor solidarity.

Jasmine Richards – Black Lives Matter speaks
A revolutionary critique of the “lynching” charge against Black Lives Matter activist Jasmine Richards and how it reveals the racism endemic to U.S. society and spotlights the revolutionary Black youth fighting against it.

The hell anti-abortionists have wrought
One woman tells her story of the difficulty of getting an abortion in Alabama for a fetus with a fatal disease and her anger at anti-abortion fanatics and anti-abortion laws put in place by Republican politicians.

Philosophic Dialogue: Dialectic of the party or dialectic of philosophy and organization?
Eugene Gogol explores the point that the radical heart of Hegelian dialectics is the negation of the negation–the positive within the negative that constructs the new society. He traces this idea in Marx and Lenin and then how Raya Dunayevskaya saw this dialectic expressed in her breakthrough on Hegel’s Absolutes, where she ascertained a dual movement: a movement from practice that is itself a form of theory and the movement from theory to philosophy.

Letter from Mexico: Police kill defiant teachers in Oaxaca
Despite police murders of teachers, surviving teachers and their supporters carry on inspiring protests against so-called “educational reforms” in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Woman As Reason: Will Stanford rape be a turning point?
Terry Moon explores how the rape of a woman by a Stanford University student can become a turning point, rather than a stopping point, in the struggle to end rape culture, and the necessity for revolution to be total from the start and to be permanent.


Page 2
Mother Jones Museum opens
Women WorldWide

Page 3
Union deal with Uber betrays drivers
‘Workless’ capitalism?
Wukan defies China’s state-capitalist rulers

Pages 6-7, Readers’ Views
Readers’ Views, Part 1
Readers’ Views, Part 2

Page 8
Voices From the Inside Out: Prisoner’s ‘worth’
Upon leaving Pelican Bay: my firsts (of many :))
Walking against indefinite detention

Page 9
Anger & tears in NYC
Queer Notes

Page 10
‘We defend the earth’

Page 11
Upheaval and crisis in Latin America
The Syrian Revolution continues
Making of a disabilities rights activist
Polarization in Brazil
Youth in Action

Page 12, World in View
France rebels again
Jo Cox (1974-2016)
Zimbabwe succession

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