July-August 2019 News & Letters pdf

June 24, 2019

The new July-August issue of News & Letters continues our coverage of the world’s polarization into two opposite directions.  The lead article takes up the climate crisis under the headline, “Demanding a future, youth lead fight for climate justice.”  Meanwhile, two editorials delve into the meaning of Assad’s genocidal counter-revolution in Syria and of the draconian abortion bans in state after state.  Neither is separated from the resistance to them.

That new issue is at the print shop and will be mailed out later this week.  It can be viewed as a pdf now at http://newsandletters.org/PDF-ARCHIVE/2019/2019-07-08.pdf.  You can also find it by clicking on “Back issues” and then “2010s.”  Shedding light on today’s revolts in China, Raya Dunayevskaya’s column traces the mid-1980s youth and labor revolt there as well as the post-Mao Chinese Communist Party’s maneuvers in politics and ideology.  Elsewhere in the issue we report on the current revolt in Hong Kong.  Some of the other stories are on the revolutions in Sudan and Algeria, cross-border organizing at amazon.com in Europe, the elections in India and the European Union, a prisoner’s column on what freedom means to one who has been paroled after years of struggle, and the third essay in our series on “What Is Socialism?” on socialism and women’s liberation.

These and all the other articles will be posted on our website individually in the coming days.  You can help them reach more people by reposting them on social media.

Each issue, like all of our literature, is meant to be the beginning of a dialogue.  We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the articles you read in News & Letters.  That is one of several ways you can support our work.

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