Justice for Ezell Ford

August 29, 2014

From the September-October 2014 issue of News & Letters

Los Angeles—On Aug. 17 over 1,000 protesters gathered at the downtown LA Police Department (LAPD) headquarters. We were there not only in support of Michael Brown, but also to protest the many killings over the years of Black, Brown and even a few white youths by police of the LAPD, LA County Sheriffs, and other surrounding city police departments.

The focus was on Ezell Ford, an unarmed Black youth who had been diagnosed as a bipolar patient. He was gunned down Aug. 11 by two LAPD cops in South Central LA, two days after Michael Brown was killed. Signs expressed the need for justice for the many unarmed victims of police violence in the past several years. 

At about 3:30 PM, hundreds of us protesters marched a mile to Union Station to meet and support Ezell Ford’s 42-year-old aunt, Theresa Robinson, who stated, “It feels good to know that he is supported. Justice is what we want, not just for my nephew but for all the people police have shot. It has to stop.”

After the marchers returned, the protest continued at LAPD. One sign read, “Justice for Ezell Ford. LA District Attorney Jackie Lacey bring murder charges now.” Banners read, “Stop the racist attack against Black and Brown communities”; “Jail the killer cops”; “A badge is not a license to kill”; “End the policy of cover-up and blaming the victims.”

A speakout was held in the street where various youths and organizers spoke. At 5:00 we marched on Spring Street, which is being gentrified, and on Main Street in Skid Row back to the LAPD in a high spirit of togetherness chanting “No Justice! No peace! No racist police!” and “Don’t Shoot” as we held up both arms.

After we returned to LAPD headquarters, many demonstrators remained and formed groups to discuss the event, some still holding up signs to passing cars.


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