LAPD training death

March 21, 2023

From the March-April 2023 issue of News & Letters

Shaking my head! Officer Houston R. Tipping of the LAPD was murdered by fellow officers during training on May 26, 2022, after submitting reports from a woman who claimed four officers raped her. Attorney Bradley Cage told NPR that the 32-year-old officer was deliberately assaulted after submitting the reports. The training was used to cover up his killing which was in retaliation for whistleblowing activity, Cage said.


After the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, an international movement called for transparency and to defund the police. President Biden is not the answer. He is a band-aid to stop the bleeding, calm stuff down, and prevent uprisings. He recently backed down from the Fraternal Order of Police. In fact he did a 180 degree turn on Black voters.

The woman victim identified four officers by name tags and Tipping immediately began looking into her reports, moving it “on up the chain,” Cage said. Tipping had three broken ribs, lacerated liver and required stitches in his head. UCLA medical experts who have reviewed Tipping’s autopsy report concluded that the officer’s injuries do not square with the department’s version of events.

LAPD claims many of Tipping’s injuries were the result of attempts to revive him at the academy. Cage said that is untrue. Medical records obtained by his legal team show that a LUCAS device, which works as an automatic CPR machine and was in the training room at the time, was not turned on and no video footage is available.

—Comrade Easley
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