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December 4, 2016

vol-61-6The November-December 2016 issue of News & Letters, Vol. 61, #6, is available on the web.

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Lead-Editorial: No to Trump’s counter-revolution! No to fascism! Fight for a new human society!
Trump’s electoral victory by appealing to racism and sexism menaces all freedom movements. It is the index of this system’s crisis and bankruptcy of thought, which needs to be met with a truly revolutionary vision.

Where to now for the Middle East?
A look at the situation in the Middle East in light of Donald Trump’s election that takes up Syria, Yemen and the arming by the U.S. of varying forces–some of whom are fighting each other.

Spontaneity of action and organization of thought: In memoriam of the Hungarian Revolution
On the anniversary of the Hungarian revolution, we present a letter by Dunayevskaya whose concept of the relationship of spontaneity and party, and its inseparability from organization of thought, speaks to the dialectics of organization and philosophy.

Editorial: Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline now!
The resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline has become a beacon for all opposing the ruling system—and has been assaulted with ferocious repression. It is a powerful manifestation of the vast forces putting American civilization on trial. The time is now to support this struggle in practice and in thought.

Solidarity with Standing Rock: Water Is Life
Participant reports of Chicago and Oakland actions in solidarity with the Standing Rock Lakota who are fighting to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. #NoDAPL

Voices From The Inside Out: Wisconsin prison destroys books
Prisoner Robert Taliaferro tells of how a Wisconsin prison destroyed all library books that had been damaged in any way, thus depriving prisoners of their rights and adding “fuel to the fires of revolution.”

Woman as Reason: Polish women show path forward
As women in the U.S. face a bleak future when it comes to abortion rights, they can learn from Polish women who recently stopped anti-abortion legislation in its tracks, showing the need for revolutionary thought and activity.

Essay: The masses in Latin America face a duality
The essay takes a critical look at the “Latin American Pink Tide” (a decade of progressive governments in South America), its limits and contradictions, and poses the question: Is there a way forward that does not substitute statism for the action and thought of the masses?

Morocco rises up against the Makhzen
Report on the protests that exploded in Morocco after the murder of fish vendor Mouhcine Fikri by the police. The article also explores the connections between these protests and the 2011 Arab Spring.

LALIT confronts colonization of Diego Garcia
A member of LALIT in Mauritius speaks of their Action Conference on the situation of Diego García Island, which Britain has refused to give back to the original inhabitants after more than 50 years of struggle, and which it rents to the U.S. for a military base.


Page 2
‘Pussy grabs back!’
Review: Nature’s God
Women WorldWide

Page 3
Long Island University-Brooklyn teachers break lockout
Uber scams drivers
Union betrayals
No! to ‘Urban Shield’
Handicap This!
Demand Indigenous Peoples Day

Page 4
Cry ‘Free Syria!’

Pages 6-7, Readers’ Views
Readers’ Views, Part 1
Readers’ Views, Part 2

Page 8
Movement for human emancipation
Long-term solitary continues in Pennsylvania
Shared journey inside solitary
Need for lifelong self-development
Free Russian radical Ildar Dadin!

Page 9
Letter from Mexico: Teachers and Indigenous Congress
Revisiting Fanon
Queer Notes

Page 10
Review: White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America

Page 11
Not my president!
Youth in Action

Page 12, World in View
East Europe elections

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