PDF of March-April 2019 issue of News & Letters

March 6, 2019

The new March-April issue of News & Letters is at the print shop and will be mailed out later this week.  The lead for International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month is “Women bearing the brunt of reaction lead the resistance.” It can be viewed online now as a pdf, available on the web at http://newsandletters.org/PDF-ARCHIVE/2019/2019-03-04.pdf.

Raya Dunayevskaya’s column is titled “Women’s liberation, experimentation and revolution in permanence.”  There are two editorials. One takes up “Is nuclear war on the horizon?” and the other, “Fighting gun violence.”  Also on the front page is an in-person report of the “Genocide happening now in Idlib.”  Featured articles on the inside include: “Oakland, Chicago teachers strike!” Gerry Emmett’s Essay—the first in a series of four, on “What is Socialism?” Gerry’s takes up “Socialism and philosophy”—“Venezuela at the crossroads,” and “Rise of Far Right threatens ‘Europe.’”

These and all the other articles will be posted on our website individually in the coming days. Reposting them on other platforms helps them to reach more people and helps to get N&L better known.

Each issue, like all of our literature, is meant to be the beginning of a dialogue.  We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the articles you read in News & Letters.  That is one of several ways you can support our work.

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