Pelican Bay prisoners aim to end hostilities

December 11, 2012
Hunger strike unity logo created by a Pelican Bay prisoner

Hunger strike unity logo created by a Pelican Bay prisoner

Agreement to End Hostilities

(NOTE: All names and the statement must be verbatim when used and posted on any website or media, or non-media, publications)

August 12, 2012

To whom it may concern and all California Prisoners:

Greetings from the all PBSP-SHU [Pelican Bay State Prison-Security Housing Unit] Short Corridor Hunger Strike Representatives. We are hereby presenting this mutual agreement on behalf of all racial groups here in the PBSP-SHU Corridor. We have arrived at a mutual agreement concerning the following points:

1. If we really want to bring about substantive meaningful changes to the CDCR [California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation] system in a manner beneficial to all solid individuals, who have never been broken by CDCR’s torture tactics intended to coerce one to become a state informant via debriefing, now is the time for us to collectively seize this moment and put an end to more than 20-30 years of hostilities between our racial groups.

2. Therefore, beginning on October 10, 2012, all hostilities between our racial groups… in SHU, Ad-Seg [Administrative Segregation], General Population, and County Jails, will officially cease. This means that from this date on, all racial group hostilities need to be at an end… and if personal issues arise between individuals, people need to do all they can to exhaust all diplomatic means to settle such disputes; do not allow personal, individual issues to escalate into racial group issues!!

3. We also want to warn those in the General Population [GP] that IGI [Institutional Gang Investigators] will continue to plant undercover Sensitive Needs Yard (SNY) debriefer “inmates” amongst the solid GP prisoners with orders from IGI to be informers, snitches, rats, and obstructionists, in order to attempt to disrupt and undermine our collective groups’ mutual understanding on issues intended for our mutual causes (i.e., forcing CDCR to open up all GP main lines, and return to a rehabilitative-type system of meaningful programs/privileges, including lifer conjugal visits, etc. via peaceful protest activity/noncooperation, e.g., hunger strike, no labor, etc. etc.). People need to be aware and vigilant to such tactics, and refuse to allow such IGI inmate snitches to create chaos and reignite hostilities amongst our racial groups. We can no longer play into IGI, ISU [Investigative Service Unit], OCS [Office of Correctional Safety], and SSU’s [Special Service Unit] old manipulative divide and conquer tactics!!!

In conclusion, we must all hold strong to our mutual agreement from this point on and focus our time, attention, and energy on mutual causes beneficial to all of us (i.e., prisoners), and our best interests. We can no longer allow CDCR to use us against each other for their benefit!! Because the reality is that collectively, we are an empowered, mighty force, that can positively change this entire corrupt system into a system that actually benefits prisoners, and thereby, the public as a whole… and we simply cannot allow CDCR/ CCPOA – Prison Guard’s Union, IGI, ISU, OCS, and SSU, to continue to get away with their constant form of progressive oppression and warehousing of tens of thousands of prisoners, including the 14,000 (+) plus prisoners held in solitary confinement torture chambers (i.e. SHU/Ad-Seg Units), for decades!!!

We send our love and respects to all those of like mind and heart… onward in struggle and solidarity…

Presented by the PBSP-SHU Short Corridor Collective: Todd Ashker, C58191, D1-119, Arturo Castellanos, C17275, D1-121, Sitawa Nantambu Jamaa (Dewberry), C35671, D1-117, Antonio Guillen, P81948, D2-106

And the Representatives Body: Danny Troxell, B76578, D1-120, George Franco, D46556, D4-217, Ronnie Yandell, V27927, D4-215, Paul Redd, B72683, D2- 117, James Baridi Williamson, D-34288. D4-107, Alfred Sandoval, D61000, D4-214, Louis Powell, B59864, D1-104, Alex Yrigollen, H32421, D2-204, Gabriel Huerta, C80766, D3-222, Frank Clement, D07919, D3- 116, Raymond Chavo Perez, K12922, D1-219, James Mario Perez, B48186, D3-124

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