Readers’ View, August 2023: Librarians fight back and win

August 5, 2023

It is great to see people rallying around those who want books to be read and in libraries! After two book-bannings, Queerphobic Amy Vance and Martha Martin removed almost all the books from San Diego’s Rancho Penasquitos library, calling them “inappropriate” because some of them are about sexual orientation and gender identity, thus supposedly robbing children of their innocence. They emailed the library that they would not be returning the books. Then word got out. First, library Manager Adrianne Peterson gave the media Vance’s and Martin’s emails and then the city councilor Marni von Wilpert publicized what the women had done. People responded by raising $45,000 for the library and buying and donating books. The city donated an extra $30,000. Vance and Martin were compelled to return the books. Now the Rancho Penasquitos library has a larger collection than before. And, yes, a larger collection of Pride books. Thank you to book-loving people!

Reader in Canada

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