Handicap This! November-December 2016

December 1, 2016

A woman is fired because her daughter was regarded as disabled; how Knott’s Berry Farm had to shut down an attraction giving distorted views of mental illness; the U.S. Department of Labor awarded grants to six states as part of its Disability Employment Initiative.

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Youth in Action, September-October 2015

September 6, 2015

A roundup of youth activism worldwide including hunger striking students at Tufts Univ., students at Rio Grand High School protesting standardized tests, students in Puerto Rico marching against the government cutting education, and more.

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Fight to test rape kits

April 3, 2013

From the March-April 2013 issue of News & Letters:

Detroit—Four years after discovering 11,303 untested rape kits in a Detroit Police Department warehouse, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy’s appearance on NBC’s “Rock Center” gained national attention for her efforts to bring justice to victims of rape. Worthy obtained a million dollars in federal money [=>]

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