World in View: Obama meets Castro

May 7, 2015

Real possibilities for social transformation in Latin America, and with it an end to U.S. domination with iron fist or velvet glove, lie not in the choreographed dance between the U.S. and the Latin American governments, including “Leftist” or progressive ones, inside or outside the “Summit of the Americas.”

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World in View: Cuba-U.S. Relations

February 1, 2015

Where do we go from here? The U.S. has certainly not given up bringing down the Castros; only the method is different. The pulls of neoliberal capitalism, the world market, are now the weapons.

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Afro-Cubans’ new role, and Cuba’s 500,000 layoffs

November 26, 2010

World in View: Afro-Cubans’ new role
by Gerry Emmett

Last month, the Cuban government announced that it would lay off 500,000 state employees by early next year. This comes as part of a long-term plan to promote private enterprise alongside state-run enterprises in developing an economic model similar in intent to China’s variant of state-capitalism.

President Raúl Castro [=>]

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