Thousands demand Trump release his tax returns

June 5, 2017

Posted June 5, 2017

Los Angeles—Thousands of protesters marched from Pershing Square to City Hall on April 15, demanding that President Trump release his tax returns. People were shouting in unison: “Release your taxes,” “You work for us, not Russia,” “Fighting sexism is fighting fascism,” “Impeach Trump!” Protesters included middle school children with their parents and adults—young and old. A young girl’s sign reflected the spirit of our times: “I can do this every weekend.”

Other subjects besides Trump’s taxes were brought up by protesters, whose signs read, “My body, my choice,” “We are all Americans,” “NO deportations!” and “I welcome you to America.”

I saw people expressing their willingness to challenge and change what Trump paints as “America First,” pretending to protect the rights of working Americans, while his treatment of the Las Vegas men and women who worked in his hotels and tried to form a union to demand fair wages and working conditions show who Trump really is and what he stands for.


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