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March 25, 2011

As the revolutions that began this year in Tunisia and Egypt spread throughout the Middle East and North Africa, they were recognized by masses of men, women and youth throughout the world, not as “far off events,” but as a new moment struggling to be born everywhere.

That moment has enveloped the massive protests in Wisconsin trying to keep the union movement from being destroyed, the revolts of European workers resisting austerity, and the decades-long movements in Latin America trying to break free from a capitalist path of “development.” Revolution is being recognized not only as possible, but as the needed pathway out of the endless crises gripping every country–from economic crises to climate change to the many wars being fought or threatened.

NEVER WAS THERE a greater need for a unique revolutionary journal like News & Letters, where the voices of revolt are recorded in every issue unseparated from the articulation of a philosophy of revolution that lets them be heard louder and more clearly because they disclose the future in the present. From our beginning in 1955, N&L has been dedicated, both as paper and organizationally, to working out a new unity of theory and practice.

To that end, this year we are working to issue a new edition of Selected Writings on the Middle East by Raya Dunayevskaya, the founder of Marxist-Humanism, which shows how philosophy has been a force of revolution as in the Iranian Revolution of 1979. It reveals how learning the lessons of history means not making the same mistakes and being philosophically prepared for new and unexpected problems.

AT THE SAME TIME, we are determined to keep publishing News & Letters. The ever-increasing number of newspapers that have failed in the last decade is testimony to the overwhelming costs involved; yet the importance of continuing their publication is attested by our prisoner readers who make sure every issue is circulated widely throughout the prison system. Keeping the paper in print, however, entails considerable expense on top of our regular ever-increasing bills for office rent and postage.

As we have from our beginning, we are turning to you, our readers, to help us continue. We cannot do it without your contributions–financial, as well as in your ideas, your letters, articles, and bringing us new friends and readers.


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