What is Transgender solidarity?

June 29, 2015

From the July-August 2015 issue of News & Letters

Feminists who support Caitlyn Jenner in any way, please remember that this person fully supports taking away your access to birth control, locking up our children and friends in prisons, denying full equality and autonomy to other LGBTQ people, supports war, deportation raids and all kinds of other evil stuff.

Is that somebody who you want to spend your time and energy supporting?

If you’re interested in showing solidarity with Trans people, listen to us when we talk about political issues that affect our lives. Listen to Trans women of color, Trans people who have been transitioning longer than the horde of white tumblr Trans activists who know everything about gender after 25 years of white het male privilege and six weeks of estrogen shots.

If you want to help us, check in on your Trans woman friend to see how she is. A lot of us live in abusive relationships, have extreme financial troubles, mental health issues, or are sporadically houseless.

You can help your Trans man friend find an affirming and understanding OB/GYN, or just be there to hear him rant about his complex emotions. Anything is better than arguing with Trans people about the relevance of Bruce Jenner.

If so many Trans women would take off the fake eyelashes so they can see further than the bullshit lies of glamorous pseudo-representation, they’d understand that the very same systems that create celebrity Trans people like Caitlyn Jenner are the systems that seek our collective destruction.

—Jaz: anti-capitalist, feminist activist

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  1. I stand in solidarity with feminist activist/anti-capitalist Jaz. All of us who are for freedom, for true human liberation must stand in opposition to Caitlyn Jenner’s politics and philosophy. As an unapologetic Republican, she stands with a party carrying on many wars. Against women, against the middle-class and the poor, against the disabled, against racial minorities, against workers, against immigrants. And, against the Queer community. I say to you, Ms. Jenner, I can only stand in support of those who, without equivocation, seek and work for a society built upon truly human foundations.

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