January 28, 2015

From the January-February 2015 issue of News & Letters

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Reprinted from the first issue of News & Letters June 24, 1955

I believe the Women’s page should be a page for the women to express themselves—their day-to-day lives as housewives, mothers, working women, in their relation to men and children, and the jobs that their family is involved in.

First page of the first issue of News & Letters published June 24, 1955

First page of the first issue of News & Letters published June 24, 1955

To the many problems that families face, the only way a woman can try to solve them in this society today is by fighting against her husband or men and standing her grounds for her rights. In this way her problems seem solved temporarily, but it does not change basically the man’s attitude that he is better than women. He still does not regard women as an equal.

I speak about jobs because today if you figure out the why of human behavior, you can bet the place where you spend most of your life can do much to influence and shape a person. The kind of work, whether physical or mental, the pressure of the line or supervision that create tensions, the constant drive of supervision for more work, etc., these are the things that you bring home. The problem is to change the way people work, which makes them so hard to live with.

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