Youth In Action: Students in India protest tainted test

June 11, 2018

Delhi, India–Nearly 1,000 college-age youth jammed the street in front of the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) in Delhi when official questions to exams were found on social media on Feb. 28. Despite government efforts to close down train stations, bathrooms and internet reception near the area, the protest went on. By March 6, an investigation was ordered, but 500 students remained camped out, demanding that all tainted exams be repeated. Deepak Prajapati, 26, said: “My father is a farmer, and I have taken a loan from friends for extra classes. I have also spent three years preparing for the exams, but some students get through them on the basis of money power and by cheating. It is demoralizing.” Protesters called a temporary stop after 18 days of scorching sun but 3,000 came back on March 31 to also demand the resignation of the SSC director and that President Narendra Damodardas Modi provide sufficient jobs for unemployed youth. Police chased and attacked the youth with sticks, arresting 200.

–Buddy Bell

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