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New Essays

By Raya Dunayevskaya, 1977. A News & Letters pamphlet.
A collection of four essays, written from 1974-1976:

a) “Post-Mao China, What Now?” Written one month after Mao’s death, this analysis was published also as Appendix to the Italian, Spanish, and German editions of Philosophy and Revolution.

b) “Dialectics of Liberation in Thought and in Activity: Absolute Negativity as New Beginning.” Written as an address to the 1974 conference of the Hegel Society of America, this is a Marxist-Humanist paragraph-by-paragraph interpretation of the final chapter on Absolute Idea in Hegel’s Science of Logic.

c) “Leon Trotsky as Man and as Theoretician.” Written for Studies in Comparative Communism, Summer 1977. The article is followed by a comment by Ernest Mandel and a rejoinder by Dunayevskaya.

d) “Commentary: a critique of B.J. Harrell’s ‘Marx and Critical Thought.'” Written for Paunch, May 1976.

Download PDF: https://newsandletters.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/New-Essays.pdf