Congress breaks railroad workers’ strike

Congress has done its best to become the nation’s strikebreaker by forcing a five-year contract on railroad workers who had been set to go on strike on Dec. 12.  Union members in four of the 12 unions had voted to reject a tentative agreement that negotiators had reached with six major rail carriers in September.

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Election shows women feel the hate

It wasn’t alone the question of abortion rights that helped Democrats do so well in the midterm elections, but also what made women and so many others furious was the extreme cruelty and sickening glee with which Republicans imposed their draconian abortion laws and bans. Women could feel the hate.

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Discussion article: Gavur Imam: The “sung” hero of Cypriots

Gavur Imam and his liberation struggle are a great example of a deliberately hidden past that could help all Cypriots to unite and fight for the island against its occupiers.

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Queer Notes: October 5, 2022

Rainbow Migration demanded the UK Prime Minister “end immigration detention for all LGBTQ+ people,” “scrap the Rwanda plan” and “reverse changes to the standard of proof for LGBTQ+ people’s asylum claims”; Twelve Republican-led states banned Transgender girls and women from competing in sports; and a long awaited center serving LGBTQ+ people opened on Chicago’s South Side.

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‘Women, Life, Freedom!’ The transformation of Iran

The Iranian hardline regime should be very afraid. The cries of: “Women, life and freedom!” “Death to the head scarf!” “Death to the dictator!” fill the streets. Iranian women have inspired the world and put Iran’s oligarchs on notice that their repressive regime is in grave danger.

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Human Power is its own end – Karl Marx
November-December 2022, Vol. 67, #6

Iranian regime fears revolution while women lead the way to total change

October 22, 2022
The Iranian hard-line regime should be very afraid. The cries of: “Women, life and freedom!” “Death to the head scarf!” “Death to the dictator!” fill...
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Women organize and educate for abortion rights

November 8, 2022
The Women’s March and other groups held A Women’s Wave Day of Action on Oct. 8, 2022, demanding a nationwide right to abortion after the...
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From the Writings of Raya Dunayevskaya: Contradictions in Iranian Revolution

November 10, 2022
Today’s revolt in Iran is illuminated by Raya Dunayevskaya’s March 1979 Political-Philosophic Letter, “Iran: Unfoldment of, and Contradictions in, Revolution,” published here in two parts....
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Amazon Prime Day is for job actions

November 8, 2022
On “Prime Day,” Amazon warehouse workers in Moreno Valley, Calif., filed enough signatures to schedule a union vote at their facility. On the same day,...
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Attitudes to the climate crisis and technology

November 10, 2022
Today’s divide in attitudes to technology and climate solutions is more than a political question. It is a deep divide in philosophy. As crucial as...
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Xi Jinping’s precarious hold on China

November 11, 2022
The coup that Xi Jinping had long planned to cement his control of the Communist Party of China went according to script: Xi was re-elected...
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World in View: Haitians demand self-determination

When the U.S.-imposed non-elected, illegitimate government of Ariel Henry decided to raise highly subsidized fuel prices in September, all hell broke loose in Haiti. Mass...
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‘Exceptions’ are a lie

November 8, 2022
So-called “exceptions” for rape, incest, and the health or life of the women to draconian abortion bans are a cruel joke, and a means to...
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World in View: Saied buries Tunisia’s Arab Spring Revolution

November 12, 2022
Tunisia’s President Kais Saied has completed a counter-revolution aimed at ending the Arab Spring that the Tunisian masses launched in December 2010. He has gotten...
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60th International Antiwar Assembly

November 11, 2022
Excerpts of the appeal from the Executive Committee for the 60th International Antiwar Assembly, together with the message of solidarity sent to the Assembly from...
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Featured Column

Thoughts from the Outside: ‘If We Must Die’

Claude McKay’s poem “If We Must Die” spoke to hunger strikers at Pelican Bay. We were dying anyway and had nothing to lose with our...
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Editorial: Ukraine makes gains, Putin brandishes nukes

November 6, 2022
Putin failed to terrorize Ukraine into submission with massive bombing of civilians and social infrastructure. Ukrainian social solidarity, resilience and massive participation of all layers...
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Women prisoners scammed at CCWF
Prisoners at Central California Women’s Facility paid for Jpay and U-Tab tablets. Some spent thousands of dollars for content and then we were told we must destroy, erase, or send out our paid-for, allowable property and all content without compensation!
Women Worldwide: November-December 2022
Women students protest rape culture at Stanford; feminists in Gaza face backlash for campaigning against family violence against young women; Tunisian feminists protest male-dominated election structure; first woman appointed to Yemen’s Supreme Judicial Council, and women activists there win passport rights
‘Women Unsilenced’
Review of: ‘Unsilenced: Our Refusal to Let Torturer-Traffickers Win,’ whose authors worked out therapy for victims of what they called Non-State Torture (NST) which goes beyond abuse. Perpetrators of NST employ the same “classic” torture techniques, especially rape, used by state representatives—police, military, or prison guards

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National Costco pact
Unionized Costco workers achieved their first national master contract. This needs to form the basis for reaching out and organizing the majority of Costco warehouses that remain non-union
Votes that matter
The election of 2020 gave a giant push for the Right to turn elections into weapons for abrogating rights and freedoms, especially those of women and minorities. It is a primrose path to outright fascism
Michigan MAGA threats
Curtis reports on the state of electoral politics in Michigan, including racism, violence, misogyny and fraudulent Trump supporters

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Readers’ Views: November-December 2022, Part One
Readers’ Views on: Iran: Woman, Life, Freedom; Election Threats and Battles; Women’s Marches and Enemies; Sexist Supreme Court; Ukrainians Fight for Freedom; Para-Transit Disservice; Mike Davis; Labor Struggles, from Amazon…to the Bank

Page 7
Readers’ Views: November-December 2022, Part Two
Revolutionary Thinkers’ Dialogue; Trans and Queer Solidarity; U.S. Slavery Today; Prison Kangaroo Courts; Guilty Police and State; FBI’s Aretha Files; Why Read N&L?; Voices from Behind Bars

Page 8
Prison and structural racism
Prisoner Comrade Easley argues that structural racism and the prison industrial complex thrive on over-policing and racial profiling Black and Brown communities
Shower or cesspool?
A prisoner speaks out about lockdown conditions with rancid food and unclean showers

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Indigenous Resistance in Mexico
The Xonacatlan Indigenous Council (Juanacatlán, Jalisco State) issued a declaration establishing their territory “free of industry, free of megaprojects, free of mining and material banks”
Queer Notes: November-December 2022
The Ohio LGBTQ+ community protested a meeting of the Ohio State Board of Education delaying a vote on a “don’t say gay” bill; Israeli playwright Yochai Greenfeld’s autobiographical play about conversion therapy opened in Israel; there was a memorial on Chicago’s south side for several LGBTQ+ people killed by a hit-and-run driver; and murdered Palestinian Gay man Ahmad Abu Marhia’s body was found in Hebron in the West Bank, and a suspect has been arrested

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Leading Canadians off the cliff
Canada’s Conservative Party and Alberta province’s United Conservative Party have both chosen racist, anti-immigrant leaders, moving Canada to the Right
Youth in Action: November-December 2022
U. of Florida students protest choice of reactionary Ben Sasse as university president; Virginia high school students protests anti-Trans plan; Greek students protest police sent onto campuses by the government
Handicap This!: November-December 2022
Disabled women have joined anti-U.S. Supreme Court demonstrations as they are eleven times more likely to die during pregnancy or childbirth; Disabled South Koreans protested in subways over lack of access to essential services, abuse in institutions, and elevated death rates; a disabled woman in Pakistan founded two organizations which manufacture and donate wheelchairs, employing mostly the disabled

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World in View: Lebanon’s citizens deal with failing state
People are robbing banks in Lebanon as the only way to get to their own money. The economy has experienced a meltdown. Years of war, sectarian violence, and rampant corruption have led to extreme poverty for Lebanon’s citizens and thousands of Middle East refugees there
World in View: Europe’s racist leaders
In both Sweden and Italy neo-fascist leaders have won great influence: Jimmie Akesson in Sweden and Giorgia Meloni in Italy. They have in common vicious anti-immigrant and other racists beliefs and actions

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