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Women’s Liberation and the Dialectics of Revolution: Reaching for the Future

A 35-Year Collection of Essays—Historic, Philosophic, Global
Wayne State University Press, 1996. 294 pp.
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Part I • Women, Labor and the Black Dimension
Part II • Revolutionaries All
Part III • Sexism, Politics and Revolution—Japan, Portugal, Poland, China, Latin America, the U.S.—Is There an Organizational Answer?
Part IV • The Trail to the 1980s: The Missing Link—Philosophy—in the Relationship of Revolution to Organization. Section 1—Reality and Philosophy Section II—The Challenge from Today’s Global Crises
“[I]t is her ability to make lucid, insightful comments about so much in Marxism and feminist political theory that makes Dunayevskaya’s book so worth reading. Perhaps most important, Dunayevskaya calls for a return to Marx’s ideas in order to appropriate them for the feminist movement. This message makes this book of interest to both feminist theorists and activists.”—Janet Afary, Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
“Although this book is a collection of short essays Dunayevskaya wrote over a period of thirty years on such diverse topics as the Iranian revolution, the New Left in Japan, and black women leaders of the American abolition movement, the thread that runs through the essays is the need to realize Marx’s original vision: to abolish the division between mental and manual labor and to bring about a fundamental change in the relation between man and woman.”—Elizabeth Ring, Idealistic Studies
“These essays…present a useful capsule history of women’s liberation with particular emphasis on contributions of Black women, and some excellent, often devastating, critiques of theoreticians ranging from Beauvoir to Rowbotham. An important resource for all libraries.”
Kathryn Allen Rabuzzi, Religious Studies Review