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Voices from within the Prison Walls

By D.A. Sheldon
News & Letters, 1998. 71 pp.
$8… Free to prisoners.
$16 for two copies: purchaser and a prisoner (includes postage.)
Part I • “The Grim Reality of the American Criminal (In)Justice System”
Part 2 • “Organizing the Revolution from Within: a Marxist-Humanist Perspective.”

“This is a well executed prisoner treatise, laboriously organized by a prisoner who one can tell has felt the brunt and setbacks of prison life and managed somehow to overcome. He now extends the benefit of his experience to those around him. A dedicated comrade to his own imprisoned class, I would say. Read and believe. Leave your criminality behind, is the message I get, and join in your own liberation.”—Luis Talamantez, member of the San Quentin Six and co-founder of the Pelican Bay Information Project