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Dialectics of Black Freedom Struggles

Race, Philosophy & the Needed American Revolution
By John Alan. News & Letters, 2003. 103 pp.
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Chapter 1 • Permanent War or “Revolution in Permanence”? The Continuing Challenge of Black Masses as Vanguard
Chapter 2 • The Struggle for Civil Rights and the Limits of Political Emancipation
Chapter 3 • Dialectics and Economics: The New Challenges Posed by Globalized Capital
Chapter 4 • Prisoners Speak for Themselves: People of Color and the Prison Industrial Complex
Chapter 5 • The Self-Determination of the Idea in the African-American Struggle for Freedom
Appendix • “Grenada: Revolution and Counter-Revolution” by Raya Dunayevskaya

“This is a comprehensive statement, written with clarity in spite of the complex and intricate nature of the subject matter… The entire question of political and human emancipation makes this book crucial to the thinking of African Americans.”—Gloria I. Joseph, Black feminist writer and teacher