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Crossroads of History

Marxist-Humanist Writings on the Middle East
By Raya DunayevskayaNews & Letters, 2013. 134 pp.
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Foreword by Gerry Emmett
1. The Syrian Revolt: The Cold War in the Middle East
2. The Arab-Israeli Collision, the World Powers and the Struggle for the Minds of Men
3. Anti-Semitism, Anti-Revolution, Anti-Philosophy: U.S. and Russia Enter Middle East Cockpit
4. Middle East Cauldron Explodes
5. The Middle East Erupts
6. The UN Resolution on Zionism – and the Ideological Obfuscation Also on the Left
7. Lebanon: The Test Not Only of the PLO but the Whole Left
8. Iran: Unfoldment of, and Contradictions in, Revolution
9. Letter on Organization to an Iranian Revolutionary
10. What Is Philosophy? What Is Revolution? 1789-1793; 1848-1850; 1914-1919; 1979
11. Religion in General and Jerusalem in Particular in This State-Capitalist Age
12. Special Introduction for Iranian Edition of Marx’s Humanist Essays
13. What Has Happened to the Iranian Revolution?
14. The Struggle Continues: What Kind of Revolution Is Needed in the Battle against the Khomeini-IRP Counter-revolution?
15. Begin’s Israel Moves Further and Further Backward to His Reactionary, Terrorist Beginnings
16. Need for a Total Uprooting: Down with the Perpetrators of the Palestinian Slaughter
17. The Changed World
From the Foreword:
” The Arab Spring can become a real turning point in human history. Against the backdrop of a state-capitalist world in a deep and intractable crisis, the vision of self-determination, courage, dignity and creativity can raise itself into an absolute opposition to the degraded reality of endless cutbacks, austerity, and accompanying bigotry that is all capitalism is offering humanity….
In publishing this collection of Raya Dunayevskaya’s writings on the Middle East and revolution in permanence, we hope to be part of the worldwide dialogue that will move the revolution, and humanity, beyond the inhuman system of capitalism with its eternal threats of war and deprivation, its racism, sexism and heterosexism. These horrors must end. In no respect are we willing to be passive spectators at yet another wrong turning of history.”