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Rosa Luxemburg, Women’s Liberation, and Marx’s Philosophy of Revolution

University of Illinois Press, 2001. 240 pp.
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Foreword by Adrienne Rich
Author’s 1981 Introduction
“Marxist-Humanism’s Challenge to All Post-Marx Marxists” by the author
“New Thoughts on Rosa Luxemburg, Women’s Liberation, and Marx’s Philosophy of Revolution” by the author
Part I • Rosa Luxemburg as Theoretician, as Activist, as Internationalist.
Part II • The Women’s Liberation Movement as Revolutionary Force and Reason.
Part III • Karl Marx—From Critic of Hegel to Author of Capital and Theorist of “Revolution in Permanence.”
Appendix • First English Translation of Rosa Luxemburg’s Address to the Fifth Congress of the Russian Social-Democratic Labor Party, London, 1907
“What I hear Dunayevskaya saying above all is that we have reached the point in history where real freedom is attainable, if we are willing to commit ourselves to a more inclusive definition of freedom than has ever been attempted. If indeed Marx was moving in such a direction, we can’t leap forward from Marx without understanding where he left off, and what he left to us.” — Adrienne Rich, from the Foreword
“I doubt whether any commentator since Jean Hyppolite has succeeded better in such a Hegelian interpretation of Capital.”—Louis Dupré, The Owl of Minerva