Chagos solidarity: Declaration of Grande Riviere after LALIT Diego Garcia Conference

November 15, 2010

Solidarity with the people of the Chagos Islands!  Read the Declaration of Grande Riviere after LALIT Diego Garcia Conference

The declaration begins this way:

“The Conference on Diego Garcia & Chagos held at Grande Riviere, Port Louis, Mauritius, bringing together 150 participants from 30 October to 2 November 2010, reached consensus that we will keep the following struggles firmly bound together, never bartering one against the other:

– the struggle for the complete decolonization of the Republic of Mauritius, the dismantling of the British Indian Ocean Territories colony, and the re-unification of the country,
– the struggle for the closing down of the US military base on Diego Garcia, and its ecological clean-up by the US,
– the struggle for the right of return and full reparations for all Chagossians”

Read the full statement here.

Please read also the solidarity message from News and Letters Committees to the same conference.  Also of interest is our solidarity message to Lalit’s May Day gathering.

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