Chicago meeting: They’re coming for the immigrants–and for you

August 4, 2019

WHEN: Wednesday, August 7, 2019, 6:30 PM
WHERE: News & Letters Library, 228 S. Wabash, Room 230, Chicago

News and Letters Committees invites you to a discussion on:

They’re coming for the immigrants–and for you

“Mostly unreported court testimony offers a fuller picture of the horror exacted upon men, women and children simply for crossing the U.S. border. Children thrown into walls, subject to painful physical restraints, confinement in dark closets, sweltering or freezing cold cells, no bedding save a foil sheet, foil sheets taken away as collective punishment, medical neglect, forced injections, no fruit/vegetables, no ability to wash, no diapers, induced miscarriage, minors housed with adult strangers, sexual predation by staff, inconsistent background checks of employees, and unnecessary strip searches are among the examples.

“It is no secret that President Trump receives support from white supremacist groups, whose power resides primarily in the fear of what they are capable of. Their mantra: we’ll be coming for you.” (To see the entire article go to:

A free and open discussion.

  • † How can we help build cross-border solidarity?
  • † What is an effective way to fight racist, sexist, anti-immigrant hateful rhetoric and actions?
  • † Does the El Paso mass shooting by a white supremacist portend our future, or can we create a society on totally opposite, human foundations?


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