Francia Marquez Mina, Colombia’s Vice President-Elect

June 20, 2022

Colombia elected its first leftist president on June 19, 2022. Francia Marquez Mina, who was elected vice president, has told her story and the struggles of Afro-Colombians in the pages of News & Letters.

The March-April 2010 issue of News & Letters, page 8, presented her story under the headline “Afro-Colombian seeks solidarity in U.S.” from the Chicago stop of her tour that year.

The November-December 2012 issue, page 8, excerpted a speech she gave in Chicago under the title “Afro-Colombians throw off shackles.”

Afro-Colombian Women: Defeating invisibility,” in the January-February 2013 issue, was Gerry Emmett’s review of the film La Toma, in which Marquez appeared.

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