Historic victory: indeterminate solitary confinement abolished in California

September 2, 2015

Today, September 1, 2015, the prisoners suing the State of California and its prison system announced a settlement, in which the State agreed to abolish its practice of sending people to solitary confinement for an indeterminate term based on the person’s “validation” as supposed gang member.


Photo by Urszula Wislanka.


Photo by Urszula Wislanka.


At the press conference announcing the settlement, the following statement from the prisoners was read:

This settlement represents a monumental victory for prisoners and an important step toward our goal of ending solitary confinement in California, and across the country. California’s agreement to abandon indeterminate SHU confinement based on gang affiliation demonstrates the power of unity and collective action. This victory was achieved by the efforts of people in prison, their families and loved ones, lawyers, and outside supporters. Our movement rests on a foundation of unity: our Agreement to End Hostilities. It is our hope that this groundbreaking agreement to end the violence between the various ethnic groups in California prisons will inspire not only state prisoners, but also jail detainees, county prisoners and our communities on the street, to oppose ethnic and racial violence. From this foundation, the prisoners’ human rights movement is awakening the conscience of the nation to recognize that we are fellow human beings. As the recent statements of President Obama and of Justice Kennedy illustrate, the nation is turning against solitary confinement. We celebrate this victory while, at the same time, we recognize that achieving our goal of fundamentally transforming the criminal justice system and stopping the practice of warehousing people in prison will be a protracted struggle. We are fully committed to that effort, and invite you to join us.

Todd Ashker

Sitawa Nantambu Jamaa

Luis Esquivel

George Franco

Richard Johnson

Paul Redd

Gabriel Reyes

George Ruiz

Danny Troxell


For more information, see “California Prisoners Win Historic Gains with Settlement Against Solitary Confinement“.


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