Join a study group on Marx’s Capital online

December 10, 2021

Join us for an online study group on Capital, Volume 1, which never stops entering into debates. Each new crisis calls forth a new re-examination of Karl Marx’s analysis of the historic law of motion of capitalism, its dialectic of development and downfall, and the seeds for creating a new, human society of freely associated people. Marx’s greatest theoretical work, in fusing economics, history, and dialectics, discloses new aspects of each and explores forces of revolt.

Discussions will be held Saturdays at 2:30 PM, Central Time, beginning December 18. At that meeting, we will determine the 2022 calendar.

For December 18, read Marx’s prefaces and afterwords to the first and second German editions and the first French edition.

The entire book can be found online at the Marxist Internet Archive: Current print editions use a different, newer translation.

To find out how to sign on to the free video meeting, contact
News and Letters Committees for connection details at

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