‘Man in a cage’

June 5, 2011

Amarillo, Texas–The people in charge of this prison unit’s law library (which is in charge of providing indigent inmates with supplies and postage) flex their supposed power on the poor prisoners. They are known to openly and willfully interfere with inmates’ legal work and appeals, while being free to abuse the poor who are incarcerated at this unit.

My mind is on the Devil’s Work, the written law of this land called Texas. And since I am self represented, poor, not schooled in the law, or have the right last name and am an inmate of the prison system, I just don’t stand a chance in the face of the level of corruption in this state, or the amount of open bias of the federal court system. But I refuse to just lay down and take it.

For example, I was raped on May 8, 2007 at the TDCJ-CID Neal Unit in Amarillo, Texas, by state employees. They digitally recorded the whole thing. I filed a § 1983 civil rights complaint and told the federal court (and later the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals) that a video existed of the whole episode and that it clearly shows criminal acts, torture and rape. I begged the Court to not only preserve the video through a court order but also to order the video to be produced and entered into the record so that all of the “he said, she said,” BS could be set aside and the Court could make a determination of whether there were constitutional and criminal violations.

The corrupt court refused to grant my motion for production and denied my motion to preserve the records. Since I’m poor, a nobody, an inmate–no one cares and law enforcement refuses to act.

–Man In A Cage

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