Oakland meeting: Paris climate accord protests and the struggle for a new world

February 8, 2016

Sunday, February 14 6:30p.m. 
Niebyl-Proctor Library 
6501 Telegraph Ave., Oakland 

This Sunday, 2/14, we will take up “Paris climate accord protests and the struggle for a new world.”

The current News & Letters lead article contrasts the world’s state powers’ hifalutin self-congratulatory rhetoric over their Paris Agreement on climate change with the down-to-earth ecological movement. Paris officials attempted to stifle any expression of that movement even as it is the real source impelling the totally insufficient and legally non-binding agreement. The stark contrast is between capitalist development and what Marx called human development.

Come to a discussion of the philosophic roots of Eco-socialism laid out byMarx first in his concept of Alienated Labor in 1844, through Capital to his vision of a new society and concept of organization in the 1875 Critique of the Gotha Program.

Come participate in this timely discussion.
Bay Area News and Letters Committee

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