Palestinian solidarity

February 28, 2012
Palestinian solidarity march in Chicago

In Chicago on Dec. 31, well over 100 demonstrators came to show solidarity with Palestinians by releasing 300 black balloons in downtown Grant Park—one balloon for each child killed during Israel’s 22-day assault on the Gaza Strip three years ago.

On the International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian people, Nov. 29, we reflected on the current situation and what needs to be done to achieve peace in the Middle East. While the world commemorates this day and shows support for the Palestinian people with special events, meetings and vigils, Israel continues to defy the international community by granting new approvals for expanding settlements in the occupied territory.

The so-called “peace process” has once again reached a cul-de-sac after the recent construction of hundreds of housing units, which seriously damages the credibility of the negotiations, and increases mass despair in the region.

To commemorate this day, the Secretary-General of the UN Ban Ki-moon stated: “An overwhelming international consensus exists on the need to end the occupation that began in 1967, address the fundamental security concerns of both parties, find a solution to the refugee issue and see Jerusalem emerge from negotiation as the capital of two States.”

With respect to Ban Ki-moon’s statement, the Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development (PWWSD) believes that resolving the roots of the conflict relies on resolving the issue of the Palestinian refugees, by applying UN Security Council Resolutions 194 and 181. Mr. Ban Ki-moon has to take the necessary measures to force the Israeli government to abide by International Law, and to be held accountable for its regional and international responsibilities.

The Palestinian president Mr. Abbas addressed the UN Security Council in September to apply for full membership of Palestine in the UN. However, the proposal was rejected in the Security Council due to pressure from the U.S.-Israeli lobby.

Palestinians continue to struggle against the Israeli Occupation. PWWSD persists to cross all physical and mental borders enforced upon us by the occupation, in order to obtain self-determination and build independent sovereignty. As an essential player of the national social and political arena, PWWSD aims to build a free democratic Palestinian society based on social justice and gender equality. In order to facilitate a broad civil development, PWWSD is committed to spreading awareness among men and women on issues relating to human rights and gender issues.

PWWSD would like to express our deepest gratitude to our international friends and partners, and encourage you all to participate in public observances for justice and peace in the Middle East and the entire world.


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