Queer Notes, March-April 2011

April 17, 2011

by Elise

Transphobia is alive and well. Transgender woman Chrissie Bates was found stabbed to death Jan. 10 in her apartment in Minneapolis, Minn. She’s identified as Christopher P. Bates by the police investigating the crime. A vigil was held for her Jan. 21 by Queer rights group OutFront Minnesota. And, in Honduras, officials are being called upon to simply investigate the recent murders of six Transgender women.

* * *

Zuna Institute’s “Black Lesbians Matter” is a 2010 study of African-American Lesbians, Bisexual and Transgender women. This population is little known, very vulnerable and much in need of advocacy for financial security, access to education and healthcare, and marriage equality. Zuna, formed in 1999, is the first group to conduct a study for African-American Queer women. For more information, visit their site at zunainstitute.org.

* * *

Friends of murdered Ugandan Queer rights activist David Kato interrupted anti-Gay slurs by the church official presiding over his funeral and fought off attacks by other homophobes, then carried Kato’s casket to the cemetery. Kato advocated for Sexual Minorities Uganda and spoke prominently against Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality legislation that would imprison and even execute people for being Queer. Meanwhile, Kato’s U.S. allies marched in New York City and San Francisco carrying signs saying, “Demand Justice for David Kato!” Uganda is attempting to frame Nsubuga Enock, whom Kato once bailed out of prison, for his murder.

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