Raya Dunayevskaya en français

December 16, 2013

l’Archive Internet de Raya Dunayevskaya section française commence à être construit (the Raya Dunayevskaya in French translation section of the Marxists Internet Archive is beginning to be built):



Raya Dunayevskaya


Esquisse biographique

Le cas Eugène Varga

Marxisme et liberté (extraits)

  • Préface
  • Deuxième section : la scène américaine

Situation mondiale

La crise mondiale et le vide théorique
Bureaucratie et capitalisme d’Etat

Subjectivisme et politique

“La crise mondiale [=>]

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The Gang Lawyer

November 29, 2010

New on the Marxists Internet Archive: Dunayevskaya’s analysis of McCarthyist lawyer Roy Cohn (who also featured as a character in Tony Kushner’s Angels in America).  He might remind you of some of the totalitarian wannabes on today’s political scene.

The Gang Lawyer


Source: Correspondence, Feb. 20, 1954. This piece appeared as Dunayevskaya’s regular unsigned column, “Two Worlds.” It [=>]

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