‘Internal Melodies’: music and dialectic

December 16, 2023

Can dialectics be expressed musically? ‘Internal Melodies,’ the new album from pianist Dan Tepfer and saxophonist Miguel Zenón, is a journey from one’s outermost external reality to one’s closest self, from reason to emotion, from the social to the individual and back again.

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Paul Geist (Paul Knopf) speaks at 2012 Convention of News and Letters Committees

In memoriam, Paul Geist (Paul Knopf 1927-2023)

September 21, 2023

In memoriam Paul Knopf (1927-2023), a jazz composer and performer; a revolutionary activist, philosopher and Marxist-Humanist; a poet, a lifelong learner with an encyclopedic mind and a friend and comrade to people both famous and unsung.

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Straight, No Chaser

August 29, 2011

Warner Brothers presents Thelonious Monk: Straight, No Chaser directed by Charlotte Zwerin. Produced by Charlotte Zwerin and Bruce Ricker. Executive Producer Clint Eastwood.

Art is the eternal particular, the unmediated, mediating term in which the human face is recognized. A familiar tune, like a familiar face, catches us unawares and we smile in recognition. We find ourselves whistling.

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