Voices from the Inside Out: When ‘rehabilitation’ equals slavery

May 20, 2022

From the May-June 2022 issue of News & Letters

On to slavery in prisons again. Due to a lawsuit over slavery in Corruptarado’s prisons filed by Maxted Law and Towards Justice, both firms in Denver, the Department of Corruption, with legal work by the Attorney General Office lawyers, has induced a group of state senators to create and pass a bill that eliminates slavery. Yes, you got the information here first.


A prisoner making masks for sale to others for the coronavirus at the Hamden County Sheriff’s office in Ludlow, Mass.

So how did the senators do it? And how would anyone know it would be so easy? By changing one word HB 50 takes the “S” word out and replaces it with “rehabilitation.” So now prisoners will still be required to do all the work they now do, but it will be ordained for rehabilitation.

Oh, and once instituted, the new law allows prisons to send prisoners outside the facility to work for private companies. The companies will be required to pay minimum wage, but the Department of Corrections (DOC) will get the money and will decide what to pay the prisoner.

Does this sound a lot like what was done in Shawshank Prison (the movie “Shawshank Redemption”)?

And a double “Oh.” When a worker-prisoner dies, if the family does not claim the body in five days then the DOC will take any money in the prisoner’s account and use it to dispose of the body.

As so many old prisoners are held in Colorado prisons, I wonder when each prison will install a crematory on site so bodies can be processed at a low cost?

Anyway, this is the latest from DOC’s doing all it can to keep its slave labor.

Colorado Prisoner

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