Yemen peace talks

December 14, 2018

From the November-December 2018 issue of News & Letters

New peace talks are planned in Sweden in December in an effort to end the genocidal war waged by the Saudi-led coalition and the Iran-allied Houthis that has devastated Yemen. Yemeni civil society organizations have released a statement that should become the basis for negotiations. It calls for:

An end to impunity for violations against civilians.

All governments to cease arms sales and military support to combatants.

Open all ports and end the siege of cities.

Respect humanitarian law and human rights.

Halt the country’s economic collapse.

Release all detainees, including journalists, religious minorities, and politicians.

Halt the use of land mines.

Provide needed food, fuel and medicines.

As the statement so clearly illustrates: “Yemenis have paid a heavy price for this war. The war has made life a more difficult choice than death.”

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