Brexit is a portmanteau

August 28, 2017

Brexit is a portmanteau word
so is brunch
but I’m bored with politics
unless it’s about human emancipation
During the war I crossed the Atlantic
as human cargo to pacify Germany
I lived in a walking dream
When the war ended the war began
Dreadnoughts had cleared the Atlantic of German submarines
but the dogfish
bottom feeder on human souls still prevailed.

To accept things as they are is to swim in a stagnant pool
so I copped out and headed South
Dumb choice
Looked up old army buddies
on the road
beside the road
under the road
Can you survive on old war stories?
Thrive on reefer and free love?
Tea for two
is alones for one

and then I heard the stagnant pool
as the odor of stale air
over the road
Freedom Rides.

and the un-festering pool
rolled down like justice

and the young:
“Give peace a stance”

and the women
“Let us bathe
Let us drink from the fountain of justice”

Then came Trump
Wake up
the war continues

—Paul Geist

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