Chicago meeting: Marxist-Humanist Perspectives, 2019-2020

May 3, 2019

WHEN: Wednesday, May 8, 2019, 6:30 PM
WHERE: News and Letters Library, 228 S. Wabash, Room 230, Chicago

News and Letters Committees invites you to a meeting on:

Draft for Marxist-Humanist Perspectives, 2019-2020
Humanity’s choice: Freedom and revolution or fascism, war and genocide

Two events that happened almost simultaneously on March 15 dramatically reveal the tectonic forces ripping at this disintegrating capitalist society: the international climate strike carried out by youth and the racist massacre at New Zealand mosques. The first reveals a profound reach for a new human future. The second a reach in the opposite direction for a mythic past—one rooted in the actual past of slavery and oppression, but purged of the freedom struggles. (To see the entire Draft Perspectives go to:

I. Two opposite directions: Climate strike and genocide
II. Remaking the world order in the image of the far right
III. World crises in economy, politics, ideology—and the missing link of philosophy
IV. Humanity’s never-ending quest for liberation
V. What to do in a world in upheaval

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