Enough is enough: This movement is about humanity

January 30, 2015

From the January-February 2015 issue of News & Letters

Boston–I’m still trying to process #enoughisenough. On Dec. 4 we marched all over town and all traffic we passed was stopped. People would either lean out and honk and wave and shake hands, or grimace angrily in their cars. One man reached out to high-five me, and once our hands touched, he grabbed my hand and stared at me. We locked eyes for about four seconds, and then we both burst into tears. I squeezed his hand one last time and kept moving.

Boston man on bus Dec. 4, 2014. Photo by Robin J.

Boston man on bus Dec. 4, 2014. Photo by Robin J.

In this photo, we were somehow all the way on the Rutherford Street Bridge in Charlestown, Boston, when we passed this bus that was stopped. The interior lights were still on, so we could see everyone inside. The driver was honking and showing support, and most passengers were curious. This man stood in his seat and looked out the window like this, occasionally nodding his head, just staring so intensely. One woman walked up, put her hands against the glass, and held them there while they stared at each other.

After that, everyone passing by pressed their hand or hands against his. There were so many moments like this that we are all surely processing over and over again. There was so much humanity that night. That is what this movement is about: humanity. Even from the periphery where I need to be as a white person, I feel and give so much life and love every time I hit the streets for this movement. The love permeates the determination and the fire and the will to succeed. And that, dear friends, is why we are going to win.

Robin J

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