German youth speak

January 25, 2023

From the January-February 2023 issue of News & Letters

The Socialist Youth of Germany—The Falcons—is an organization of young people. We’re aiming for a liberated society where people have ruptured the logic of capitalist exploitation in thought and action and taken on responsibility for themselves and their environment.

Freedom (liberation from social constraints), equality (the recognition of all people in their difference), and solidarity (the responsibility of each person for the community as well as the responsibility of the community for individuals), are the values of this society.

We have to learn and practice this sense of responsibility and start today to build spaces where we can experience our values. We, as socialist youth, organize and educate ourselves. In many German cities we hold weekly meetings by and for youth, organize summer camps and educational workshops.

The basis of our political work is socialist education where children, young people and adults learn from and with each other.

Together we’re fighting against all forms of oppression, the power structures produced and fostered by the capitalist system: racism, homo- and transphobia, the lack of autonomy of children and youth in the decisions that affect them, and patriarchy which disadvantages girls and women.

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