Philippines: Human rights vs. Duterte’s fascism

April 5, 2018
The Left here in the Philippines is also fragmented. From the groupings around the Maoist-inspired Communist Party of the Philippines and its allies and influenced groups, to the so-called yellow Social Democrats Akbayan that allied with the capitalist Liberal Democrats of the past Aquino administration, to lastly the Socialist Laban ng Masa coalition of socialist and democratic left groups and social movements. Though practicing diverse tactics in dealing with, addressing and engaging sociopolitical issues here in the Philippines, all have the same analysis and strategic campaigns against the fascist Duterte government. The human rights community here all have memberships and affiliations in the three said Left groupings, so even human rights advocates are also divided when it comes to political beliefs and persuasions.
During my college days, i experienced, as a rite of passage, the life of a young Maoist radical. Never have i tried the road of the Social Democrats for i know how discredited they are in most urban and rural poor communities for their collaborative style of politics with capitalist politicians. So as an individual advocate of Marxist Humanism here in our country, the crowd around the Socialist Laban ng Masa presents spaces for political pluralism and constructive dialogue with different Marxist traditions. That’s why i opted with this movement.
It is an uphill battle for us when it comes to fighting and resisting the authoritarian and fascist regime of Duterte. His so-called populist, nationalist and even self-proclaimed socialist affiliation all but resound a Nazi overtone of terror as can be seen in his War on Drugs campaign in liquidating and killing his targeted 4 million so-called drug addicts. And now his guns are pointed even to those critics of his government which includes the human rights community. Supposing we surpassed Duterte, his fascist regime have eroded the values of the dignity of life and the essence of democracy. It will be a tremendous task for all of us in rebuilding and renewing human rights values in our citizens that have been blinded by a Nazi dictator, namely Duterte.
April 3, 2018

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