Chicago meeting: Mexico and Puerto Rico: When “natural phenomena” reveal the oppressive nature of capitalism

October 9, 2017

WHEN: Monday, October 16, 2017, 6:30 PM
News and Letters Library, 228 S. Wabash, Room 230, Chicago

News and Letters Committees invites you to a discussion on:

Mexico and Puerto Rico: When “natural phenomena” reveal the oppressive nature of capitalism

On Puerto Rico: “Trump starkly expressed the logic of capitalism when speaking of Puerto Rico to the National Association of Manufacturers. There he hissed, ‘Ultimately, the government of Puerto Rico will have to work with us to determine how this massive rebuilding effort—it will end up being one of the biggest ever—will be funded and organized, and what we will do with the tremendous amount of existing debt already on the island.’

“In Capital Marx writes of the ‘great part that the public debt…played in the capitalization of wealth and the expropriation of the masses.’ This is exactly what Trump is threatening, the leveraging of Puerto Rico’s debt to introduce a brutal new round of primitive capitalist accumulation. It is parallel to and depends on his racist and bigoted ideology…”

Resident Editorial Board of News and Letters Committees. See the whole at: Puerto Rico devastated by hurricanes, colonial exploitation, and Trump’s racism›

On Mexico: “Earthquakes are natural phenomena and impossible to avoid. However, their consequences are not ‘natural.’ Rather, they are directly related to the social conditions in which they occur and our response to them. Most of the victims of the September earthquakes are from the poorest people: families who live in old apartment buildings, workers in antiquated constructions, Indigenous communities in precarious housing. Even when the buildings are new, as in Portales Sur in Mexico City, why did they collapse? If builders and contractors didn’t follow the proper building codes, why did the State allow them to build?

“The earthquakes have thus brought to the fore, once again, the corruption of the government, as well as the social inequalities in the country…”

J.G.F. Héctor. See the whole at: Earthquakes in Mexico: a wake-up call

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